Thursday, May 2, 2013

Downgrade the pip installed package

While installing something on my local for my application I run into problem where it replaced (overwrote) one the of the package which wasn’t compatible with other applications I was using. So basically I was dependent on two applications which were dependent on another third party application but not of the same version.

Of coures, I was not ready for that upgrade, so I had to downgrade the version manually for that package, I am sure people run into similar problem often. 

Here are the steps I followed -

In this case Django 1.5 was installed, so it removed my existing Django 1.4.5 and installed 1.5

To downgrade and again go back to Dajngo 1.4.5, you need to locate the egg file for Django which normally you can find it in your vritual env path -


Delete this file, and install 1.4.5 manually with following command -

pip install django==1.4.5

You can follow the same instruction for any other package.