Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Setup New Relic with Webfaction Django App (Python setup)

New Relic is awesome Application Performance management tool. You can setup your application's health check in few easy steps -

Create a free account with New Relic. Here, below are the steps to setup your app's performance management on New Relic Dashboard :

- Get the licence key from newrelic

- install package on your server - pip install newrelic

- generate config file - newrelic-admin generate-config newrelic.ini
(It should generate newrelic.ini file)

- Add following lines in to .wsgi file (provide the full path of the newrelic.ini)
import newrelic.agent

- Restart the application

Within few minutes the you should be able to see the dashboard with different metrics. Also setup the web url of your application for the ping checker. In case of any issue with it, you will get real time notification. 

There are other tools like DataDog also used by so many companies. Both allows setup of different hosts and apps health check setup. I am also planning to setup celery and solr in new relic dashboard. I'll add setup steps for those as and when its done.