Sunday, February 26, 2012

Predictions - What can be changed/added for Facebook?

Below are some predictions for Facebook -
  • Add search functionality, which provides content search from your friend’s likes/ checkins. e.g. searching for good restaurant you might be better off searching on Facebook and decide where you want to go instead of checking ratings on yelp or any other place. Movie reviews you can just search for movie on it on saturday and find out if any of your friend had seen it on friday night, link next to movie review comment to buy ticket etc.
  • Let people go to buy stuff based on people’s like/checkins by ‘cash in your content’
  • Show the connections between when you are visiting someone who is not part of your friend list. e.g. how its shown in LinkedIn. They are doing similar thing partially as a part of showing suggestions for the friend.
  • concept like how pinterest following the model to make money using skimlinks (
  • Video chat with friends from Facebook chat/messenger.
  • Let small business help to make the advertisment from the platform itself and help them to find a target audience.
Above all urge to Facebook, please do not complicate already started feeling like its too complex to use. People make so many mistakes like while watching video it gets shared on their page, just click on news item it gets shared on the page. of course there is mistake on people's side that they dont take enough care about where they are going :)

Add few more if you can think of....

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