Sunday, April 22, 2012

ExtJs Tooltip

Tooltip in ExtJs - There are various ways to get tooltip in ExtJs, we will explore different options in below list.

1. Tooltip in Grid header -
new Ext.grid.GridPanel({
        store: store,
        columns: [
                           id       :'company',
                           header   : 'Company',
                           tooltip  : 'Company Name', 
                        width    : 160, 
                        sortable : true, 
                        dataIndex: 'company'

2. Get Tooltip on all the grid options – You need to use metadata attribute to set the tooltip on the grid items. Consider below example where pctChange is renderer on grid column.
    function pctChange(val, metadata) {
            metadata.attr = String.format('{0}title="{1}"', metadata.attr, val);


3.  Tooltip on other form items –
    xtype           :   'textfield',
    fieldLabel   :    “<span ex:qtip=’Please Contact admin for more info.’>Comments</span>”,
    ref               :    'comtext'

if you want html behavior on the tooltip, you can provide tags in span –

   xtype           :   'textfield',
   fieldLabel   :    “<span ex:qtip=’<b>Please Contact admin for more info.</b><br>’>Comments</span>”,
   ref               :    'comtext'

4. Other common and most asked place for tooltip is on drop down/combo, which is tough to achieve as there is no default way to get it, you have to use various tricks to get it...coming soon…

Feel free to drop comments, questions!

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