Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learn to say no

How easy do you find to say two characters word ‘NO’? It’s been four years, working in technology in Design and Development group. I was doing maintenance for developed software systems. There are different times, moments, situations where I find myself in very troubled situations. As new joined, just started, at that time, was very eager to learn and work on different things, always ready for all tasks. Project clients normally very demanding, that’s just nature of client/customer and as well as project lead much concerned about the task assigned to individuals. So normally you get no chance to saying “no” for the work assigned by people around. Later realized and experienced disappointment from their side and tired and frustrated from my side. Now days I will suggest to commit only the things you can handle, and if still you get requests, make it clear that this would mean not doing something else or everything, try to prioritize. This will make your life easier, organized and makes other to provide proper deadlines. The new work will cost the older one in terms of time, keep everyone updated. Be in a time constraint and always updated with a scheduled work, so you can give specific time estimation when task assigned to you. This allowed me to say no or you would say alternative mechanism to complete work in a nice way.

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